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2024r176 Ex2 to 2024r176 Ex3

Table of Contents

  1. Breaking Changes
  2. Bug Fixes
  3. New Features

Breaking Changes

The Avatar Height property was changed into a method

  • Changed Height property to GetHeight() method to be in-line with the other methods

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed structs being weird
  • Fixed out parameters not working properly
  • Fixed some functions not matching existing method overloads when they should
  • And many more

New Features


  • Script is now available globally as a way to get a reference to the currently running script's Lua Behaviour instance



  • Added GetInitialHeight() method


  • Merged base, local player, and remote player into a single entity to avoid weird castings. But some functionality is still locked to either remote/local avatars. This does not cause any breaking changes
  • Added IK Control that allows managing the player's IK