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CVR Video Player


Network Sync

Enables the network sync of the video player. This syncs the current video url and video time to others and allows watching videos in sync with others.

Playback Speed

Defines how fast the video should be played.

Playback speed explained

A playback speed of 1 equals 1 second of video played per 1 second. (x1)
A playback speed of 2 equals 2 second of video played per 1 second. (x2)

Use Interactive Library UI

Enabling this will enable our default video player ui. In order for this to work UI Position/Parent needs to be set.
More information about the default ui and how to use it here: VideoPlayer-UI.

UI Position/Parent

The parent of the video player ui. You can also move this object around in your scene, as the ui will be child object.
This needs to be set inorder for the ui to work. You can use an empty game object to define its position.

360 Video

Will prepare the video player output for 360 videos. Enable this when playing 360° videos.


Playback Volume

The current playback volume. It can be used to modify the current volume during playback or to set the start/default playback volume.

Audio Playback Mode

Set a audio output mode.

Not usable yet

Audio Sources

A list of audio speakers used by the audio playback mode.


Play on Startup

Will play the Play On Awake Object on start if no other video is playing. If no Play On Awake Object is set, the first video of the first playlist will be used instead.

Play On Awake Object

Can be set by clicking Set as Play On Awake Object on a specific video.
Used to play this video on start or awake if no other video is playing and Play on Startup is enabled. Can be removed by clicking the Remove Play On Awake Object button bellow.

Projection Texture

The RenderTexture which will be used to display the video output.
We recommend using the render texture generated by the Create Sample Render Texture.

If needed, you can modify the render textures resolution by clicking on it in your project and changing the resolution to your needs.
By changing the resolution you can also define the aspect ratio of the render texture. The video play will automatically adjust to the render textures resolution and aspect ratio. This means it will fill empty pixels with black and fit the video inside while centering it as well.


You can hook into different events, that will be triggered by the video player.

Started Playback

Triggered whenever a video playback started.

Finished Playback

Triggered whenever a video finished playing.

Paused Playback

Triggered whenever a video gets paused.

Set Url

Triggered whenever a new video url gets set.

Supported Media

All supported media formats and codecs can be found here: Renderheads AVPro Supported Media

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