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Lua Behaviour

Accessible via the Script Global.

This entity inherits from MonoBehaviour, as such inherits some of its members.


Name Description
Hash : string SHA512 hash of script text as Base64 string
TypeLabel : string Returns the script type label
ScriptName : string Name of the script asset
IsScriptInitialized : bool Whether this script instance is initialized or not


Method Description
Crash(string) : void Crashes the script preventing stopping it's execution (the behaviour still exists)
Destroy(string) : void Destroys the script, while actually getting rid of the behavior
CallReceiverFunction(string name, anything[] args) : void
Call a function on the LuaBehaviour with the name RECEIVER_<name> with the given list table as an argument.
GetGlobalBoolean(string name) : boolean\|nil Get the given global boolean variable, or nil if it doesn't exist.
GetGlobalNumber(string name) : number\|nil Get the given global number variable, or nil if it doesn't exist.
GetGlobalString(string name) : string\|nil Get the given global string variable, or nil if it doesn't exist.
GetGlobalTable(string name) : Table\|nil Get the given global table variable, or nil if it doesn't exist.
GetGlobals() : Table Get a table of all the globals in the script.