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CVR Mirror

The mirror component, we suggest you to use the corresponding prefab to place a mirror in the world, the white surface is the mirror reflection side.


Disable Pixel Lights

Turns off the pixel lights in mirrors. You can think of this as realtime lightsources to not be shown in the mirror.

Texture Size

Adjusts the maximum allowed texture size / resolution allowed by this mirror.


Value of 256 defines a 256 x 256 texture resolution as maximum resolution.

Clip Plane Offset

Shifts the reflection plane forward from the mirror surface.

Frames Needed To Update

Defines how many frames needed before the mirror reflection will update again.


Value of 0 or 1 will update the mirror every frame.
Value of 2 will update mirror every second frame etc.

Reflect Layers

Defines which objects / layers will be captured by the mirror camera. For example:

  • PlayerLocal: Reflects your own avatar.
  • PlayerNetwork: Reflects other players in the world.
  • CVRPickup: Reflects any "CVR Pickups" in the world.